Brand New Journey of 2020 CONMART Expo

As “Belt and Road” and the global economic recovery jointly drive exports, the export sales of construction machinery broke out in 2019. With the significant impetus effect of the “Belt and Road” on construction machinery and the equipment demand brought by the global economic recovery, and under the drive by the multiple demands arising out of increasingly stricter national environmental protection policies and the peak period of upgrading of mechanical equipment, it is expected that the construction machinery industry would remain stable and the good development momentum in 2020.

Under the great development trend of this industry, China (Guangzhou) International Construction Machinery and Construction Equipment Trade and Service Expo (hereinafter referred to as CONMART Expo) will be held at exhibition hall of China Import and Export Fair (exhibition hall of Canton Fair) on June 17-19, 2020 in Guangzhou.

CONMART Expo is an international professional exhibition focusing on engineering machinery trade and service. Based in Guangzhou, it focuses on engineering machinery service and trade, post-market synergy and development, and development of the international market. It is committed to building a complete eco-friendly service system of construction equipment and engineering machinery industry.

2020 CONMART Expo will attract overseas professional buyers from 25 countries including Malaysia, India, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Germany, South Africa, Russia, Bangladesh. The Organizing Committee is devoted to building CONMART Expo into an international, high-standard and efficient offline service exchange platform for international trade.

  • Why taking part in the exhibition?

    At the 2020 CONMART Expo, hundreds of construction machinery enterprises will display their products at this stage, and the huge purchase demand of 10,000 professional buyers will be met. This is a professional stage to open the international market and go global!

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  • Why watching the exhibition?

    The 2020 CONMART Expo will present you with the overall development trend of the industry and numerous new technologies and products. Products from all industry chain segments will help you tap the potential market. We look forward to your participation!

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Introduction to the Exhibition

Upgraded 2020 CONMART Expo

Upgraded exhibitors Contemporary activities of all industry chain segments insight into development opportunities in the industry and global promotion Professional and targeted invitations to buyers

Exhibition Activities

Scope of exhibitors

According to the hot spots in the development of China's construction machinery industry and in combination with the development trend of the global industry, the 2020 CONMART Expo will focus on expanding exhibits in five major fields where the market demand is huge: earthwork and construction machinery, construction and building materials equipment, roads and municipal equipment, concrete and sandstone equipment, spare parts and lubricants.

  • earthwork and construction machinery

    excavators, loaders, bulldozers, road rollers, cranes, high-altitude demolition machines, forklifts, pile drivers, drilling rigs, rock drills, complete sets of equipment and machinery for construction;

  • construction and building materials equipment

    tower cranes, elevators, baskets, vibrating machines, steel bars, prefabricated machines, brick making machines, mixers, aerial work platforms, metal ladders, etc.;

  • roads and municipal equipment

    graders, pavers, milling machines, road cutting machines, aerial work vehicles, small road rollers, compactors, marking machines, non-excavation drilling machines, pipe dredging machines, pipelayers, road sweepers, wreckers, etc.;

  • concrete and sandstone equipment

    concrete pumps, concrete mixer trucks, concrete mixing stations, mixers, concrete cutting equipment, stone crushers, sand washing machines, sand making machines, grinding machines, blasting equipment, conveying and transportation equipment, screening equipment, etc.

  • spare parts and lubricants

    engine and engine parts, chassis and structural parts, hydraulic and hydraulic element components of transmission components, pneumatic tools and components, electronic and electrical control components, work equipment and mechanism seals, drill bits and diamond products, lubricants, etc.

  • Mining & Minerals

    Roadway excavation equipment, exploration equipment, blasting equipment, filters and accessories, flotation machines and equipment, rake mining machines, shovel loading machines, rock loading machines, geological (mine) exploration technical equipment, mine safety equipment, electric shovel, brackets, scrapers conveyor, mining vehicle, pump station, mining metallurgical equipment, reducer, air compressor, nitrogen generator, oxygen generator and other compression separation equipment, power supporting facilities, explosion-proof flame-retardant cable, etc.

Review of Previous CONMART

  • 20,000

    square meters of exhibition hall

    Scale in 2019

  • 357

    Exhibitors in 2019

  • 25,000

    Audience in 2019

    Famous enterprises showcase their products and share the platform resources

    SANY, Zoomlion, CRRC, Haihong, Kairuitong, Saikesi Hydraulic, Lingde Breaker, Koncon, Laigong, Shunhao, Zhejiang Weilin, Suzhou Jingmi, Yantai Chengli, Shandong Ji Lu, Mingde, Qipeng, etc. take part in the exhibition.

    Overseas buyer groups taking part in the exhibition

    Professional spectators from 14 countries and regions including Iran, Britain, Qatar, Senegal and South Africa organized groups to participate.

    International business negotiation – precise matchmaking

    Taiwan Construction Machinery Association, Ethiopian Construction Contractors Association, Indian Industry Federation, Malaysian Builders Association, Singapore International Business Association, Cambodia International Business Association, etc.